Ever wondered about the benefits of a month long break from booze?

Better Without Booze Collective

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Does just one or two glasses of wine leave you wide awake, heart thumping, at 3 am?

Do you wonder why you drink after you’ve decided to skip it for the night?

Has the pandemic caused wine o’clock to come earlier every evening?

Do you know deep down you’d feel more energized and focused if you took some time off alcohol?

You’re not alone.

Harness the power of community to have a Sober October that isn’t just alcohol-free, but also better than if you were drinking. All you need is the support, inspiration, tools, and–most importantly–time set aside for yourself to make 31 booze-free days a reality for yourself this fall. 

Does this sound like you?

You’ve tried an alcohol-free month before, but you can’t seem to make it through the four weeks without caving in. Getting support from folks who have been there and have had the same experience can make all the difference.

You’ve done dry months before, but they’re kind of a drag. You don’t expect to enjoy life or have fun. Maybe you even avoid places and events where you fear you’d be tempted. There’s a better way. The trick is learning how to not drink and enjoy it. We’ll show you how. 

You’ve been alcohol-free for a while but want more sober and sober-curious pals in your life. You’ve learned a few things about not drinking and love sharing them, but you could always use more tools in your sober tool box. (Who couldn’t?)

You’re not sure if you even want to do a Sober October, but there’s a little voice inside your head urging you to give it a try. Almost everyone who leaves alcohol behind remembers that little voice. Spoiler alert: That’s your soul! You owe it to yourself to see what this is all about. (Even if you don’t avoid alcohol the whole time, you’ll still learn a lot.) 

You're not alone

You’re experiencing this problem because...


In our culture, there’s a shared story about alcohol and it goes something like this: Drinking alcohol is a normal and fun part of life as a grown up. You need it, you earned it, and you deserve it. 

Book clubs serve wine. Yoga classes serve wine. Airports equal airports bars. Brunch equals Bloody Marys. Baby showers need mimosas. We’ve been trained to recognize and respond to an ever increasing number of drinking cues since birth.  

And there’s a good reason few people question this: Conventional thinking holds that if you don’t drink, you must have a problem. You must be an alcoholic and alcoholism is a disease. The only good reason not to drink alcohol is because you have this disease. 

But there’s a better story about alcohol. You are allowed to take it or leave it, just like someone who avoids gluten because it leads to stomach aches. There is a completely different way to see alcohol. And it’s only when you look at it with fresh eyes, when you remove the storyline that our culture has imposed on you about it, that you can really decide whether it works for you. 

You don’t have to believe what you’ve always been told about booze. 

Imagine the Possibility

What if there was a better way?

🎉 What if you realized on New Year’s Eve you haven’t craved a glass of wine since Labor Day? You could decide to toast 2021 with kombucha and wake up refreshed for the new year

🏖️ Picture yourself on vacation next summer. You’re at the beach, and getting up at dawn to watch the sun rise turns out to be your favorite part of the trip. 

🧘‍♀️ How would you like to run, go for a bike ride, or take a yoga class any morning you want to? When your head doesn’t ache, you’re energized, and you’re not nursing a nasty hangover you can.

💰 You thought you’d feel left out of the evening cocktails and after dinner drinks, but those pleasures are nothing compared to this. You’ll take seltzer with lime and feeling like a million bucks instead. 

🤩 Imagine: You’re clearer and more focused at work, kinder and more present with your kids, less grumpy and prone to bickering with your partner. You sleep better, you eat better, you exercise more, your body feels different and your skin glows. 

🙌 These transformations are all common for folks who move past alcohol. And it can be part of your story, too! 


Better Without Booze Collective

Transform your belief system around alcohol through the power of guided self-exploration inside a community of like-minded, sober curious folks.

This community course includes

Private online community

You’ll have 24/7 access to an online community where you can share struggles, breakthroughs, experiences, and triumphs throughout the month. You can also ask questions here any time. 

4 live group video sessions

Each session will begin with a talk on the week’s theme, followed by intimate conversations to share your own thoughts, beliefs, and experiences.

journal prompts & Reflections

You’ll be guided through the questions and reflections that can help you get to the heart of your issues with alcohol, changing your perspective permanently. 

Meet Your Guides

Joy & Roz

Almost 4 years ago, Joy, a food writer & editor, made a lifestyle tweak that would change her life forever: she gave up drinking alcohol for good. She was so inspired by the changes that unfolded in her life that she created Better Without Booze, a website and Instagram to share her sober journey.

Roz followed closely behind, inspired in no small part by Joy’s story, and was equally amazed by what became available to her with a clearer mind and spirit. Life as a parent, coach, and creative thinker would never be the same.

Joy & Roz believe so deeply in the transformation that comes with moving on from alcohol that they decided to create this course, for you

Frequently Asked Questions

We will meet live over Zoom on Wednesday nights in October at 7:30pm EST. Course dates include 10/7, 10/14, 10/21, 10/28. The private online community will be open during the entire month of October.

You will be able to access the journal prompts and worksheets for that week, as well as check in the online community for anything you might have missed. We recommend that you try to attend all 4 sessions.

You have free will to make your own choices. Everyone’s journey looks different. This course is for folks who are looking to explore sobriety and see if it is right for them. We kindly ask that you refrain from drinking alcohol for at least 24 hours before each session to maximize your own mental clarity and get the most out of this course. Please review our disclaimer for additional info.

Now more than ever, we believe that Black lives matter, trans lives matter, and that women’s rights are human rights. If these values doesn’t resonate with you, this might not be the right place for you.

We will not be offering refunds for this course. Please make sure you are committed to joining before making your purchase.

Stay tuned for updates!

You can email us directly at info@soberoctobercourse.com with any questions you may have. Otherwise, sign up below for updates!

DISCLAIMER: If you suspect you may be physically addicted to alcohol (i.e. you experience withdrawal symptoms when you stop drinking), please do not register for this course without consulting your doctor or a medical professional. We are not addiction specialists.

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